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Friday, August 1, 2008

5 Random Thoughts

As I prepare to go to the Breaking Dawn release party at B&N tonight (EEEK!), and while I'm waiting for my friend Justinne to get done with her nap so she can help me with my hair, I thought I'd post a blog.

1. On a business-related note, I have to mention that the huge-great-amazing-awesome-wonderful giveaway that I'm a part of has been extended to August 22nd. So if you haven't entered yet, you really should!

2. This is something I think everyone is saying (and I think I'm saying it repeatedly), but I cannot wait to get Breaking Dawn.

3. This coming week or two weeks, there will be a lot of excitement in my blog (hopefully). There is a contest coming up that I am extremely excited about, and I'm going to try out a new feature. So be sure to check back over the next couple weeks.

4. Speaking of contests, I'd really like to have more of them... That's a thought for the future.

5. And another thought, how about that amazing thing known as Google Reader?


Kelsey said...

I may sound like a dork, but what is Google Reader?

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!! I have to wait till Sunday for my copy...

Kelsey said...

Haha. yeah that makes sense.

Hope. said...

Google Reader is my life. It's my homepage. It. Is. Amazing.


(I'm not even kidding you when I say it's my homepage.)

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