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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School Countdown, #8

So, it's almost that time again. School time!

Now, I realize that there are some of you who may already be back in school. But this is just a fun list of books that relate to school, or are about schools. These are basically all the school-related books I've read (well, the completely relevant ones), and I'll be counting down to my absolute favorite, which will be posted on September 2nd, which is my first day of school. (Eeek!)

Feel free to share your favorites, give me recommendations on what you think are good books relating to school, and try and guess what my #1 book is going to be =D

Back to School Countdown, Book # 8
Crunch Time
by Mariah Fredericks

While not all about one particular school, like many on this list are, this book relates to a very important part of any high-schoolers life: The SATs.


Well, as I was reading this, I was starting to get stressed about the SATs just like Max, Daisy, Leo, and Jane were. The whole thought of such a huge important test is terrifying, and even though I was only in 8th grade when I read this, I was realizing how very important the SATs are, and how they can bring people closer together, or rip them apart.

This book, which I read a little less than three years ago, has something about it that makes it memorable, and definitely a good pick for someone who's trying to get over their own school stress and live through a group of people who have definitely got enough stress of their own.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what your favorite could be.

I enjoyed reading Story Time by Edward Bloor and Sleeping Freshman Never Die. Story Time pokes fun at standardized testing which I dislike, and I really enjoyed Sleeping Freshman Never Die because I could relate to the main character. I read it towards the end of my freshman year, and many of the stories the main character read in literature were ones I had to read in Lit. class. :P

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