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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Review- Nailed by Jennifer Laurens

Title: Nailed

Author: Jennifer Laurens


One girl. Two guys. Who says three's a crowd? When Mandy takes an unusual summer job-in construction-she has to prove she's just one of the guys. But she gets more than she bargains for being the only girl on the job. The mixture of hot guys, sunscreen, raw wood and testosterone proves to be an elixir she can't protect her heart from. Brooding Boston and flirty AJ find themselves looking at Mandy as more than just a girl who holds a hammer. Mandy soon finds herself not only lost in a whirlwind of a male-dominated world, but also the center of an inadvertently "constructed" love triangle. Mandy must choose between two guys who want her heart. But what's a girl to do when she wants them both?

Rating: 3.25/5

My Abnormal Review:

This book was cute. There really isn't a whole lot else I could say about it, besides cute. My first impression of the book was bad, bad, bad, because the cover was so terrible and did the worst job of getting readers to take a second glance. I took one look at it and I instantly hated it, and wished that I could find some way to get rid of the cover and replace it with something better. It probably would have gotten me to read it much faster.

Cover aside, it wasn't a bad book. Fun, lighthearted, and cute. A good summer read, but there wasn't much else there. The author tried to sound insightful, but with the subject matter of the book, it still didn't do much to make it more than a fun beach read.

Nailed really wasn't anything special. I wouldn't go around recommending it to anybody, but if you're thinking about reading it I'll say go ahead.


Kelsey said...

Good review, That cover is TERRIBLE. If I was Jennifer I would be like NO, and demanded a different cover.

I doubt I'll waist my time on this book.

Steph said...

Well, her publisher is a small house and they probably don't have as prominent an arts department as other bigger publishers.

That said, I do think Grove Creek Publishing should rethink their cover art and book typeset. I have Jennifer's other book, FALLING FOR ROMEO, and it's printed on Century Gothic. You know, the font Maureen Johnson uses on her blog? >.< So NOT good. Presentation is key, really, and theirs is lacking.


Alea said...

That is pretty ugly! It reminds me of a homemade flyer of some sort.

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