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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Making Me Miserable

Today was a test, I think... a test of how attached I am to my blog.

The answer is, I am very attached to my blog. A fact that I just learned as I was trying to change the template to something more unique and interesting, and all of the stuff on my sidebar disappeared. All of it.

That happened about an hour ago, and I've managed to get it back to how it was... unless I forgot a blog that used to be under my favorite blogs. If I have, then just tell me and I'll add it again.

I want to say that I will never try to change my template again, but I doubt it.

So I have questions for anyone who knows anything about blog templates.

1. Naturally, my first question is going to be: How do you change your template without affecting the sidebar/widgets?

2. Is there a way to back up the lists and text on the sidebar? (I know there's a way to copy the HTML for the widgets, but is there a way to save my list of blogs and contests?)

Or if anyone has any suggestions, please please please let me know. Because I've seen so many nice templates I want, but I don't want to go through all this again... Even though I'll probably end up doing it again in a couple minutes anyways.

I just thought I'd give everyone a forewarning, in case you look at my blog and see that everything's disappeared.



The Story Siren said...

hey chelsie!

sorry to hear about your crazy blog eating your sidebar! when you are changing your template, your widgets and links should automatically be saved since they aren't really a "part" of the template. and there is a way to save it before you change it. before you go to the pick new template link, go to the edit html part and click save tmeplate! what exactly are you wanting to do? maybe i can help you out?

naida said...

hi, that has happened to me before too, it's a pain!

what I do if I want to change my blog template is I save the entire html to microsoft word before choosing a new template. Then once I pick the new template, I add the sidebar stuff back in. Hope that makes sense.

The Book Muncher said...

when i changed my template, all my sidebars were deleted too, but i first copied them into a word doc (going to the template html thingy) and then i added them in later. it was kinda a hassle, but i dont know any other way to do it.

BooksandLove said...

That happened to me too. So I just copy and paste my side stuff in word. I think there is another way (I tried reading the blogger help section) but I couldn't understand it. I do like the new layout though!

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