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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Day I Killed James by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Title: The Day I Killed James

Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde


IT WASN’T SUPPOSED to end up like this. But it did.

When Theresa brings James to a party as her date, it’s just for the night . . . and he knows that. But when everything goes horribly wrong, James drives his motorcycle off a cliff—and Theresa knows she’s responsible for his death.

Theresa tries to run away from the pain, becoming a new young woman with a whole new life. She meets people, of course, but she never really makes connections—she’s too scared she’ll hurt them, too. But what Theresa discovers is that you can try to run away from the pain—but you can never really run away from yourself. The only way out is through.

This compelling tale of love and loss is about broken hearts—and how to begin to repair your own.

Rating: 5/5

From the cover, to the first page, all the way to the end, this book completely captivated me. The idea was fresh and new and it brings forth an interesting idea of how much blame to put on yourself when something happens to someone close to you. The main character is deep and emotional, and while she tries to push people away she really wants someone to push through the wall she's built. I love Theresa, she's a character I can relate to very easily, and she's also likable in her own way.

I'm having a difficult time coming up with something bad about this book... It was truly amazing and wonderful, the type of book I could read again and never get tired of.


I'll be posting a review of Becoming Chloe in just a couple minutes...


ambeen said...

Great review! I'm posting mine for The Day I Killed James tomorrow! :D

Em said...

This sounds really good! I can't wait to read it :-)

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