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Friday, March 21, 2008

Lucky by Rachel Vail

by Rachel Vail

This was the first book in a trilogy. The trilogy is going to be about three sisters, and the youngest sister (who is about to graduate 8th grade) is who this novel focuses around.

I must admit, the main character was a bit younger than I'm used to reading about. Still, I have to say that the story intrigued me a lot. I liked the different perspective put on those who live rich and fabulous lives. It's really a change of pace, especially when compared to Gossip Girl and A-List.

Still, there were a couple flaws with this book. While I was intrigued by the different perspective, I didn't like the way the characters were written. They seemed like the type of kids that only exist in movies. It seemed entirely to cliche for my taste.

Another problem, at least for me, was the ending. How typical is it that everything turns out absolutely perfect in the end? I understand the need for a happy ending, but when everything turns out so surprisingly predictable, it kind of ruins the fun of reading.

All in all, I'd say that the book was okay, just not my cup of tea. I do plan on reading the sequels, however. Although I kind of hope they improve.


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