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Friday, March 21, 2008

Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Love, Stargirl
by Jerry Spinelli

Love, Stargirl is the sequel to Stargirl, and it's told from Stargirl's point of view. Stargirl is now living in Pennsylvania, but she still misses Leo (the antagonist of Stargirl).

Stargirl was such an interesting and unique character in the first book, but this sequel didn't really capture the same emotion and magic as the first one did. Stargirl went from being the most mysterious character to being predictable in her unpredictability. The girl in this book doesn't seem to be the same one who was in the first, which is really upsetting, because I was hoping to gain some insight. Instead, at the end, I'm still kept wondering.

Even so, the book was entertaining and fun, and the way it was written was perfect. I only wish that it could have been a bit more... magical.


Abby O. said...

I totally agree,I loved Stargirl,but Love,Stargirl wasn't as good.

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