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Monday, March 31, 2008

Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson

Kiss Me Kill Me
by Lauren Henderson

This book starts out with Scarlett making two wishes: one, to grow breasts, and the other to kiss Dan McAndrew. It's not too long before both her wishes come true, but the second wish leads to something completely unexpected: Dan McAndrew dies in the middle of their kiss.

Just the cover and title was enough to draw me to this book, but the unique and interesting plotline was what really got me interested. How does something like that happen? How can you be kissing someone and just have them die?

This book fell a little short of what I'd hoped it would be. The whole circumstances that brought Scarlett and Dan together in the first place could have easily been taken out of ten million other YA books, and towards the middle the book dragged on. The beginning was exciting, and the end was exciting, but I think it took too long for the story to develop, and the end didn't tie up any loose ends at all. It only confirmed our suspicions of what we could have easily guessed halfway through.

Overall, this book could have been better, but the original plot and descriptive writing kept me from tossing it aside as soon as I finished. I'm not eagerly anticipating the sequel, but I do want to know what will happen, so I plan on reading it when it's released. I just hope that the sequel is a bit better.


Chelsea said...

First off, I like your font.

But about the book. I didn't know it's going to have a sequel! Huh. I have a copy of the book (haven't read it yet), and it sounds really good, but it seemed like it would be a standalone to me.

Hope. said...

Can't wait to read this! Great review. :DD

I didn't know that there was going to be a sequel, either...


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