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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sad to Say

I am sad to report that reading-wise, this summer has been extremely slow. I have only read two books this summer. TWO! In a whole month, I could only read two books...

And I've only written a review of one of them.

(Side note: Did anyone particularly want a full review of Fireworks? If so, just tell me and I'll see if I can write one up. But if not, then that's fine too... I just didn't want to write one because it was four short stories and all)

I told myself that this summer would be a great summer for reading, because I was determined to read constantly... but instead I've been doing other random things and not even thinking about reading, except to say that I should be doing more of it... like I'm doing now. I should be spending this time finishing one of the two books I'm reading. But instead I'm posting a blog about how much I suck for not reading.

Has this happened to anyone else this summer?


Alea said...

I actually just got Fireworks and I haven't read it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it but please don't go through the hassle if you don't want to!

The Whirlwinds said...

I agree with Alea. I'd be interested in seeing what you have to say on it, because I just received a copy from a friend. But if it's too much work for you, then please don't worry about it.

Plus! I'm in exactly the same rut as you as to reading this summer. I work so much in the non-school months that it's hard to fit anything in.


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