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Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to School Countdown, #2

Back to School Countdown, Book #2
Looking for Alaska
by John Green

Anyone who hasn't read anything by John Green, they need to pick this book up asap. Anyone who's read something by John Green but hasn't read this book, what the heck is wrong with you?! This book is amazing.

It's been awhile since I've read it, so I think my arguments for the amazingness of this novel are kind of lacking.

And I'm not even going to begin to slaughter this book with a miserable summary. I'm just going to say that Miles goes to boarding school... and things happen. Interesting things.

I was addicted after ten pages, and I couldn't even put this book down. It was intriguing. It was thoughtful. And it had something important to say... it wasn't just another YA novel. This was more real, more meaningful than a lot of books I have read.

I refuse to go into detail, because anything I say about it will make it sound mediocre and just okay. But just know this book comes highly recommended from me.


Em said...

Just picked up a copy and will be reading it soon. Everything I've heard about it is fantastic! :)

Khyrinthia said...

This book is amazing. John Green is one of my favorite authors. He's a genius, I tell you!

Melissa Walker said...

I am still thinking about these characters... sigh. Such a wonderful book.

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