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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Contest Winner + School

First off, the contest winner announcement is long overdue. So, here it is:

Allyssa Smith!

Please email me with your info within a reasonable amount of time (I'm not gonna give a time limit, but if you don't email me or get in touch then I'll obviously have to pick a different winner) and the book is yours =D

And now that the official business is taken care of, I have one thing to say.

School is making it impossible to read.

That's about it.



Chelsea said...


Words Speak Volumes said...

i second that

Khyrinthia said...


Anonymous said...

That's happening to me too! And now I have to read Of Mice and Men so I don't even get to read a book of my choice. Ugh.

Congrats Alyssa.

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