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Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight: the Movie

I have very. very. very. mixed feelings about this movie.

*just a warning: I don't think I really get into details, but if you're worried that I'll ruin something for you, just don't continue. I tend to ramble on, but I think that what's ahead is mostly my opinion, and nothing too revealing about the movie itself. But I figured I'd caution readers just in case.*

The one word that just came to my mind that basically sums it all up is constricted. But it would be really hard for me to describe how that could be.

I tried really hard to like it, and not compare it to the book. However, when the amazing awesome fantabulous-ness of the book is on my mind, it's hard to expect anything less from the movie. Which sadly it didn't deliver.

However, I do not totally hate it. On the contrary, I am intrigued. For me, this was merely a sneak peek, just to get an idea on what it's like. I plan on seeing it again next weekend, and I will be more open-minded. And we'll see if it's better then.

To be honest though... the reason I didn't like it as much as I planned on was because my friend Sam and I were right next to each other... and every five seconds we had a comment on everything. From Edward's lips, to Jasper's gorgeousness... even the naked Barbie doll on the dresser in Bella's bedroom. And Sam is hilarious, so the things she said were just so freaking funny, I could not stop laughing.

Although I have to admit; there were parts that were ridiculous. And I'll probably get into more detail on it when I see it again and actually watch it without the Sam Distraction. But for now... I think I'll just let it sit in my mind for awhile. Let it fade away, so that when I see it again it'll be a clean start.


On a different note, I just realized something. The email address on my right sidebar is WRONG! I've had the wrong email address! bookluver, not booklover... I swear, the u and the o bother even me. I'd better change it... *whistles innocently*

I've had it like that for months. Good gracious...



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