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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

right sidebar?

I am beginning to wonder whether my blog shows up correctly on people's monitors.

It doesn't show up right on my school's computer, but I figured that was just the blocks.

But it's not showing up here at the library, where there are no blocks (at least, not on the computer behind the desk). So it has me wondering: does anyone else have a problem seeing the right sidebar when visiting my blog?

If so, please let me know... and if it seems to be a common thing, I will find some way to fix it. It works just fine on my home computer, but at school and here it's not showing up. So it makes me wonder...

<3 Chelsie


Hillary said...

I can see every thing perfectly on my computer.

Kelsey said...


Emily said...

i cant see a right side bar

Bookworm said...

I don't see any right sidebar. ): Boo hoo, I hope you work out the problem!

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