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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ruby's Imagine by Kim Antieau

Title: Ruby's Imagine

Author: Kim Antieau


A storm is coming. Big Oak told Ruby Butterfly and Ruby Butterfly told Ruby the girl. But how does Ruby the girl tell everyone else? Her grandmother, Mammaloose, will say it’s Ruby’s imagination—not real. Like Ruby’s memories of her mama and daddy—just make-believe. But this storm isn’t make-believe. It’s coming hard and strong, set to destroy everything in its path. And if the storm is real, maybe Ruby’s memories are, too.

Rating: 3/5


I knew as soon as I finished the first page that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary story. Ruby, the main character, is someone who sort of lives in her own world a lot of the time. She has her own way of speaking, with different names for ordinary things, like birds and trees. This was obvious from the very first page; as was the fact that something big was going to happen.

I liked this book. It goes through the events of Hurricane Katrina through a new perspective: Ruby’s. She knows the storm is coming, but she also knows that nobody will believe her. She continues on with her life, thinking about her friends and her family that she’s never known. Her life is really something interesting, and I almost wish that I could have gotten to see a bigger picture. There were a lot of things that weren’t described in too much detail, and Ruby is such an interesting character that I wanted to know more.

With such a big event occurring in this book, I thought it fell slightly short of expectations. A lot of the novel was about Ruby, and the rest of it was about the hurricane, I had a hard time figuring out what the main purpose was. Was it to describe Ruby and her family situation, or to talk about the hurricane? I am left slightly confused, and so I can’t say that this book will really stick with me for very long.


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