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Monday, May 11, 2009

Linky Links (or I have no reviews to post right now and I need to do something bloggish before I go insane)

Carol has an interesting poll that I found myself filling out.

Kelsey reviewed a book that I have that I am now extremely excited to read.

Elizabeth Scott is having an interesting contest to win an ARC of Love You Hate You Miss You.

Steph is having a contest also... although this one is, as the blog title suggests, EPIC!

Steph (who is amazing, btw) posted about some upcoming books that I am now dying to read.

Shooting Stars Mag is giving away some neat-sounding books :)

Shooting Stars Mag is also having this contest (has anyone seen the pattern about how excited I am to read this?)

That's all for now :) Hopefully I'll do something creative with my time sometime this week... tomorrow maybe?

<3 Chelsie


Angie said...

Thanks for the links - and I like the title of this post.

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