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Friday, May 22, 2009

Love, Meg by C. Leigh Purtill

Title: Love, Meg

Author: C. Leigh Purtill


Fans of Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen will fall in love with this gorgeously written story of one girl’s search for her family and herself.

Sixteen-year-old Meg Shanley has to start life over again in Los Angeles because her thirtyyear- old sister Lucie can’t get it together. Lucie is always chasing a new man, quitting her job, and packing up their lives. Meg wishes she didn’t have to count on Lucie, but she’s the only family Meg has ever known.

Then a man arrives on their doorstep and reveals a shocking truth: Back in New York Meg has an uncle, a grandmother, and a father who might not even know she exists. Meg sees an opportunity to have the family she’s always dreamed about. She summons all her will, defies Lucie, and travels to New York.

But happiness, she discovers, doesn’t lie in a new family. Instead it rests in the true source of her inner strength; in a secret that has been buried deep inside her heart.

Rating: 3/5


This book can be described in one word: cute. It's one of those books that you start reading and you just wanna say, "Aw, how adorable!" It has a fair amount of cheese and predictability, but at least it has something going for it... it's cute as hell.

There really isn't much to say about Love, Meg to be honest. It wasn't bad, and it wasn't fantastic... probably somewhere in the middle (although it's a bit closer to the "fantastic" than it is to the "bad") The story was great; it had all the good elements to make Meg into a real person with real hardships. The writing, as I see it, is a bit harder to describe. The book sounded like it could have been written by Meg, which is great, but that might have taken away from the quality of the story (if that makes any sense at all.) At some parts I felt like there were some private jokes I wasn't a part of, and it was during these moments where I found myself detached from the book. I know that I am an outsider from every book I read, but I don't like it being as obvious as it was during this novel.

Overall, though, I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading C. Leigh Purtill's second novel, All About Vee.


KD said...

I almost bought this one a little bit ago at this sale for only 3 dollars. It just sounded just okay at that time for me too.

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