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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

you know you're addicted to Twilight when...

I interrupt my regularly scheduled absence to bring you breaking news from my Applied Publications class, AKA the yearbook class.

This is my friend Zach's senior picture... the one he wants in the yearbook. Forever.

See, guys can be obsessed with Twilight.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

That is SO awesome. I'm loving that he is showing his love for Twilight. :) I have a friend that's a guy who loves the books/film too, though he hasn't read alllll the books yet. He's on the third, I think.


Hope. said...

hah, I love it. I love that your guy friends read them, too... all my guy friends get scared when me and my friends start talking about Twilight. Then it's funny how much they try to get us to stop talking about it. :p


KD said...

Lol thats so sweet! I wish My guy friends read Twilight... They hate it whenever we start talking about twilight. I secretly think that all guys want to read it just to see why alot of girls like it!


Melissa Walker said...

WOW. I just this minute finished ECLIPSE, and I love that I found this post.

Tiqa Khairi said...

Haha. He looks so smug. Cool :)

Ms. Yingling said...

And there were a lot of guys in my graduating class who thought it would be cool to be remembered forever in powder blue tuxedos with frilly shirts. Boy, is this guy going to feel a huge need to hide his yearbook from his children.

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