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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The President's Daughter by Ellen Emerson White

Title: The President's Daughter

Author: Ellen Emerson White


Sixteen-year-old Meghan Powers likes her life just the way it is. She likes living in Massachusetts. She likes her school. And she has plenty of friends. But all that is about to change. Because Meg’s mother, one of the most prestigious senators in the country, is running for President. And she’s going to win.

Rating: 4/5


My school librarian highly recommended this book and the rest of the series, so I decided to check it out and see for myself.

I'll admit, this isn't the sort of thing I usually read. I may or may not have picked this up without the recommendation, but either way I'm glad I did get the chance to read it. There is such a great message to it.

The book, as anyone could guess, is about a girl whose mother runs for president, and wins. This is an interesting point itself, obviously for the simple fact that we haven't had a female president. One may think that if we did get a female president in the future, this book would be pretty pointless. However, I think it's pretty timeless and focuses more on relationships between characters than on the politics and presidency.

I believe that anybody could relate to this book in some way. Maybe your parent(s) aren't around as much as you'd like, or you feel like you're always in someone else's shadow and not your own person. Either way, I love the interactions between the main character, Meg, and the rest of her family. She is a teenager, who wants to be a normal teenager, but who is trapped in her life of being the president's daughter. Throughout the book, you can't help but feel for her. She is such an interesting and decent person, despite the teenager-like things she does.

That being said, I liked the book. The best part, for me, as I've mentioned several times, is the characters. Their development throughout the book and also the way they function together. This is a family book through and through, and I really enjoyed it.


Nina said...

I heard great things about the book! It reminds me of that movie with that girl of Dawson Creek..(don't know her name anymore..katy..)and I did not like it! But this book sounds like a fun read, maybe i should try it.
Thank you for your great review.

Amanda said...

You won my Geektastic contest!
I really need you to e-mail me your mailing address.

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